Capelon offers several services to assist customers to be successful in their smart street lighting or smart city initiatives.

With the GreenStreet streetlight system, you will have plenty of real-time information and have tools to optimize their operations. However, it may require maintenance service organizations to change their mindset and routines in order to get the most out of the system.

Capelon can provide training to help your service organization adapt to the new possibilities provided by a smart streetlight system. Capelon can also take the role of a system service team by working together with the maintenance contractors, thus ensuring that your operations are managed efficiently.

Capelon can help integrate GreenStreet with other systems such as Issue Tracker, Asset Management System, and GIS applications

Capelon may also assist you during your installations projects by taking the role of an advisor and installation leader.

In especially bigger projects, Capelon has provided such services as a quality assurance function. We can provide quality control program, including tests like FAT, SAT and OAT.