Earth is a benevolent planet. It has generously given its dwellers everything that they need, but in our attempt to increase the luxury and comfort we enjoy today, we may have created a shift in the balance of our ecological system.

Beginning our journey as hunters and gatherers, today we proudly stand at the top of the food chain only to look down and find that our planet is slowly crumbling down. But in a world where technology was once being developed with very less consideration of the environment, we are being reminded every day about the adverse effects that we have had on nature.

The pace of urbanization is gaining momentum. Today, 54% of the world’s population lives in cities, and it will increase to almost 75% during the 21th century.

Governments and organizations are beginning to understand the impacts of environmental changes and many of them are taking steps towards restoring our planet’s natural ecosystem. While technology was once the enemy, it has now turned into a friend. Most of the companies are beginning to look for sustainable solutions to aid the growth of an eco-friendly environment.

A smart city is one of the best answers for achieving ecological balance. New technologies can be leveraged to improve the delivery and effectiveness of a number of services like lighting, waste management, public transportation and infrastructure. Since cities are a hub of industrial growth and cultural innovation, it attracts people from rural regions who are in search for job opportunities or better living prospects.

Most of the infrastructure developed at this time pays very less heed to sustainability. A smart city is one which can easily adapt to the growing changes in the world and provide a conducive environment for financial investment, business growth and resource allocation. A city like this uses its existing and planned infrastructure to support the development of the society with the least impact on the environment. A smart city requires the collaboration of governments, organizations and citizens in achieving its goal of sustainability.

Our responsibility is to maintain the ecological balance which promotes healthy living. We must live in harmony with the environment so that we can enjoy the rich heritage of nature for many more generations to come.

Capelon contributes directly to this vision by providing the GreenStreet smart city solutions which relentlessly research new technologies and techniques that promote successful smart city initiatives.