Our GreenStreet Partner programs encourage a dynamic ecosystem with applications and services for the city. The fact that there are different partners that can integrate third-party devices and offer various city services to the city provides effectively an assurance that the city network and the IoT integration platform are based on open standards.


Channel partners are resellers of the complete GreenStreet solution. Our channel partners around the world have deep knowledge and understanding of the complexities of a city that wants IoT-based smart city solutions. Channel partners are business-oriented partners that will drive new sales leads and close new business while entertaining long-term relations with Capelon customers.

If you are interested to become a channel partner, feel free to apply here.


Ecosystem partners provide new innovative applications to the GreenStreet ecosystem. It could be developing smart devices and sensors to be interoperable in the city infrastructure and GreenStreet integration platform or developing smart software applications to process data for a city service or both. These partners will become part of the evolvement of the GreenStreet ecosystem throughout the world, and they will  be provided support and software development SDK. Capelon can provide ready-to-use connectivity hardware quickly to the marketplace. More so, Capelon will fully support partners that want to develop their own RF connectivity hardware that can be used in the GreenStreet ecosystem.

If you are interested in becoming an ecosystem partner, feel free to apply here.


Luminary partners are a special type of ecosystem partner, and they help provide and build GreenStreet city infrastructures. In this partnership, Capelon will provide lamp controllers to the luminary partner. These luminaries will automatically be interoperable and certified for the ecosystem.  Luminary partners can add a “GreenStreet Ready” mark to their sales material as well as offering  their customers a free trial period to experience GreenStreet solution.

If you are interested in becoming a luminary partner, feel free to apply here.

We are currently also looking into the same concept so that it will be available for EV charger pole suppliers. Should you have any interest in this, feel free to send an email to