Choose a truly future-proof and scalable network solution for your streetlights to provide not only light but also a path to a future smart city.

In the smart streetlight system from Capelon, the streetlights communicate with one another in a meshed radio network. That is, the streetlights can help one another to find the optimal route to the internet and cloud with the IoT integration platform.

These networked streetlights provide for the city an infrastructure not only for streetlights but also for other sensors and devices such as traffic and weather sensors and information signs and parking sensors.

The more the devices that will join the network, the better the city’s coverage will be.

The GreenStreet streetlight from Capelon provides a city infrastructure that can support multiple smart city applications for the city.

However, one key requirement is very critical for this system to work effectively. The requirement is that the RF meshed network must have been designed for large-scale IoT operations. Many RF protocols will handle test phases but will fail in the real roll-out phase. Click here to learn more about the truly decentralized cutting-edge RF network and the scalability used in the GreenSmart city network from Capelon.