A street cabinet equipped with GreenStreets streetlight controller SC-200 can at any time, due to the built-in powerline communication capabilities, be used for remote control and monitoring of individual light points. Green Street Adapt consists of the GreenStreet Vision software, the streetlight controller SC-200 and various lamp controllers from Capelon and other manufacturers. A lamp controller is placed in the luminary or in the pole where it is used for dimming, monitoring and data logging.

The energy consumption is significantly reduced when the light levels is dimmed according to the actual need, driven by daylight or traffic intensity. A significant reduction is also gained through dimming excess light from new lamps. Dimming increases the life expectancy of the lamps, which reduce maintenance costs. GreenStreet Adapt can even identify when a lamp is nearing end of life. This is a great advantage as the energy consumption and wear of the control gear is increased when the light is at the end of life. The system reports faulty lamps, which means that it is no longer necessary to perform scouting – this in itself if costly and also has an environmental impact. Even traffic safety is improved as faulty lamps can be replaced quicker, and risky places such as intersections or schools can be allowed higher light levels.