Smart Streetlights

Networked streetlights provide the foundation for a city-wide infrastructure.

In the smart streetlight system from Capelon, the streetlights can communicate with one another in a meshed radio network. That is, the streetlights can help one another to find the optimal route to the internet and cloud with the IoT integration platform. The streetlights provide a city infrastructure that can support multiple smart city applications for the city.

By dimming, smart streetlights can save up to 50% of energy consumption. Configuring lamp dimming to the right light level at the right time drastically reduces energy consumption.

You can dim any type of lamp individually or by group at any scheduled time. Schedules can be based on fixed times, light sensors or external weather and traffic conditions.

Operational costs can be reduced by up to 40% or even more, depending on the work planning and the flexibility of the service organization.

A smart streetlight system provides the maintenance organization with constant real-time access to relevant grid information and health status of the light points.

The maintenance team will have information about where to go and when to go, and this team will always be prepared for the necessary replacements or repairs. Besides, all the city lights will operate according to plans, and there won’t be any need for the citizens to report issues nor for the city to have night patrols.